What I Learned From #TOTGA

All of us have met someone along the way who has left a significant impact on our lives. Someone who we thought we could be with us for a lifetime. This someone could be that “ex’ you have spent almost ten years with or maybe just for a few months. On the other hand, it could also be that someone you did not even have any labels with but had intimate feelings for each other. However, you just woke up one day finding out that they are no longer in your life.

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Destiny has its undertaking, it has led us taking separate paths, and all we know was that someone who could be the one, your ultimate partner in life is now just a piece of memory in your mind. In social media euphemism, they are the one that got away or written in this manner – #TOTGA.

Often, the “what ifs” in our lives pertain to the one that got away. We sometimes find ourselves in the silence of the night thinking about the chances that we could have had with this person. I was not spared from this missed chance, hearing people say, “How come you did not end up together, I thought you were an item” or “You are perfect for each other.”

Remembering these statements made me ask myself if I let chance slipped away. For quite some time, I have pondered on this, why do we always look for the one and then we just let them move away. Does having someone that got away means the person we have now is not the one for us. Having thought of this, made me feel guilty that I might hurt the person I am with, I might be cheating on him in thoughts. During finding the existence of the one that got away, I have come to realize a lesson that #TOTGA has in my life. It made me realize essential takeaways that I can live by.

Falling In Love Is Always Taking Risks

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    #TOTGA made me accept that in love, you must take the risk or else you will never know if it is worth fighting for. If only I took the risk back then I could have made the chance to see if the person was the one or just another lesson in life. Then again, since I did not, he remains that person that just passed through my life.

Meant For Each Other

    #TOTGA has taught me that the people who are destined to be part of your life will gravitate back to you. Fate has this mysterious thing where all things fall in the right place, or it may have other plans for each of us.

Life Lessons

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    #TOTGA helped me to accept things as they are and do not regret the mishaps that life may bring, somewhat thankful for the lessons it has brought along the way. Finally, the experience has taught me to value and cherish the person I will end up with because he might be the right partner for me to be with all this time.

We always question our life experiences, be it happy or sad involvements. At my age and present situation, I have realized that it is best to accept and face the music rather than contemplate hard on why things should turn out not the way we wanted it to be.

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