Treasuring The Objects


The passing of a loved one is a sensitive subject that this article will not touch on but rather what to do with the possessions afterwards. Do you keep everything in a box; or A cardboard one that you keep in the closet a disregard that seems kind of disrespect? How about a glass one that you put up for all to see that makes for an awkward/creepy conversational piece? Well, that depends on the item and the sentimental value that it has to you but read one for a future detailed discussion on this.

What’s To Treasure


*Anything with a story

This is slightly different from sentimental value gifts because this is a story that you want to share which opens a world of possibilities. Perhaps put this item on a glass pedestal somewhere or in a frame where all can see it. Do you want to reduce your precious items to a conversational piece? If not then read on.

*Sentimental Value

Not everything has a story that we are willing to share outside of family or a therapist. Items with sentimental value are better in places where there are the least amount of guest such as your bedroom, and it is up to you entirely about how much that you want to discuss this topic. The same goes for the item below.


*Burial items

These things without any expectation that you should never feel guilty or weird about keeping. 



One of the things that you should never put away in the box is a gift. This goes doubly so when your parents care enough about this to wear it often. Trible so if this was something that has been passed down from family member to family member.

*Estate and Land

Property and land are two of the hardest things that we can give up as a person. We aren’t the one who sweat, blood, tears, and time that went into that land, so it feels horrible to think that we have the inability to run it the family business. Would you want to see your parent’s hard work goes to waste? Well, that is up to you or other members of the family.

What’s NOT To Treasure

(As long as this list does not conflict with the Unquestionable list then it is better just to get rid of its entirety):

*Bodily Objects

How can you justify keeping your parents body in any form or fashion? The only plausible way that you can have your mother’s body parts is in a jar or mummified in a way that is decorated.

*Bloody Ones Too

No explanation is needed here.

*For Profit, Not Running

This is quite the opposite because granted all of the things that are under Questionable with fit here too. Jewellery in most case, outside of the exceptions, should be sold because your parents mostly wore them for vanity. Property and Land is a much harder then to quantify.

The Boxing Stage

Now the most difficult stage for anyone is deciding what goes and what stays. This is just what we are going to call this time of our life the “Boxing Stage” since this both refer metaphorical and physical removal of your sacred items. Now, this does not always have to be in a sense that you just box something away to forget about it but quite to the contrary. Think about the items that are questionable list above. All of these elements are tradable for profit because more likely than not your parents made an investment for their children sake. One of the best investments that you can make these days are in jewellery, property and land. Now if these things are too hard to part with there are two solutions: keep it yourself or give it to someone you trust. We all don’t have time in our day to run a business or tend to an acre of land so why not sell it to rid ourselves of our parent burden? These are things that we all must think about at some point in another, and only we can make a final decision one way or another.


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