Realities Of Dying Due To COVID-19

A friend of mine got diagnosed with COVID-19 four weeks ago. When I heard about it, I gave her a call immediately, and she assured me that she was already getting treatment at the hospital. A couple of weeks after that, the doctors said that she already tested negative for the coronavirus. Several more tests resulted in the same thing, and she was finally able to go home last week.


Of course, it is against the rules right now to visit my friend, but it has not stopped me from calling her via FaceTime. As we were chatting, she was telling me about her experience with the COVID-19. My friend said that it was the scariest illness because she found it challenging to breathe on her own. Then, she talked about how being alone in one room for weeks, and only seeing nurses in Hazmats from time to time could genuinely mess up your psyche.

My friend said, “I only laid there on my bed most of the time. I would want to sit up, but everything ached. I felt so weak that I thought I was going to die.” Still, the realities of dying due to COVID-19 had helped her somewhat combat the coronavirus. She did not seem afraid of death specifically, but several facts surrounding it bummed her.

Your Family Cannot Visit Even During Your Last Days

When you are at least suspected of having coronavirus, even if you do not feel any symptom yet, you need to go into self-isolation. It typically lasts for 14 days for most people. If your test comes back positive, it can move up to a month or until you are free from the virus.

In case your body is too weak to survive, though, none of your loved ones will get to see you in person again. Letting it happen can jeopardize your health, and the doctors won’t risk it.


No One Can Hold A Funeral For You

Have you ever thought of what you want to happen during your funeral? For instance, what songs should play throughout the occasion? What colors can your family and friends only wear?

Well, if you die because of the coronavirus, your chances of ever having a funeral will not occur. Your loved ones cannot visit you at the morgue or claim your body, given that the virus is still there. They can do nothing but hold a memorial for you.

You Have No Say About What Will Happen To Your Body Post-Mortem

Pre-coronavirus, people have had a choice about what happens to their bodies when they die. One may say, “I will donate my organ to individuals who need them.” Another person may utter, “I want to be buried next to my parents.”

This freedom, however, goes out of the window if coronavirus is the cause of your death. The body goes straight to the crematorium so that the virus will (hopefully) die in the extreme heat. To further ensure that, they keep the ashes’ container completely sealed for several weeks before the family can take it.


Final Thoughts

As I recall what my friend has shared, I still think, “Wow, it’s very dark to use death as a motivation to live.” At the same time, however, it feels justified, given the news about what happens to people who perish due to coronavirus. The only way to avoid the same fate is to recover from COVID-19, which my friend has done.

In case you are dealing with a similar issue, looking at the situation in this point of view may push you to fight the virus harder than ever, too.

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