Memorialising Your Father


Your father is one of the most valuable things that you will ever have in your life as with all of your family members, but most likely there was no one as close to you as your father. What do you do when they pass? This is a hard question that most of us would just prefer not to think about even as our parents reach their mid-life. We all must face this sooner or later, but with the help of this article, you will be better prepared to handle the inevitable. The most important part is that not all of these methods require a form of money.

Methods To Memorialise Physically

*Build A Shrine

This might sound a little odd but notice that I am not talking about that creepy candlelit horror from Hey Arnold but rather something more simplistic like a reliquary made of wood. Surely there was a place that he enjoyed going to while he was here? What better place for you to set a shrine!? This shrine, as was his life, is not something that needs everlasting as my father enjoyed BBQing. We knew his favourite wood, hickory, and made a pit as his shrine.

*Visit Talked About Places

Just as he talked about these sites then it couldn’t hurt to give them a visit, right? Haven’t you always wonder what your father found so peaceful about his office or woods? All it takes is two steps in his shoes to understand if you know your dad.


*Keep A Keepsake

Any gift at all is a treasure now and needs to be treated like it. It is okay to have a piece of your family on you at all times. The best part is that this does not always have to be jewellery as well.

Methods To Memorialise Mentally

*Talk To Others

We often forget that we were not the only person in your father life. If your mother is still around, then ask her how he influenced her life. If not then there are coworkers, friends, and just anyone who your father was able to touch on his short walk through life. As adviced by Lisa S. Larsen, PsyD. “You can open up and be honest about how they feel, and let go of the baggage from your horrible experience.”


*Improve Yourself

“If you find yourself avoiding parties, work gatherings, or even your own friends and family, there may be a fear of judgment or underlying feelings of inadequacy.” Dr. Marisa Alter, PsyD, a clinical psychologist explains. Therefore, you got to improve yourself. This can range from anything to as far as your fitness to your hobbies. The last thing that any father would like it for the lives of their children to go on pause just because theirs ran its course. There is no feeling better than pride to seem that he was a part of the process to help raise to working members of society. Trust me this is a lot harder to do than it might sound at first since most cannot even come close to doing so.

*In His Honour

Do something in his honour rather it is grand such ad build the orphanage that he always wanted or donate to his favourite charity. All you need to do is something that shows the world, no matter how large/small the act, which your father memory still burns just as grandeur as it did when he was alive. What was your dad remember the most for doing? Was there a certain message that he was trying to give his life? All these questions are only the starting point into discovering more about your father and how to do something in his name.

Methods To Memorialise Spiritually


Some people will feel that this simple act will do nothing at all but this isn’t for them. The only ones will benefit from this is you, your father, and God. Take no shame in this act, and it will help you leaps into memorialising your dad so that he will never be forgotten. In an article of Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC she mentioned, “To improve your spiritual health, it can help to create a quiet space for solitude and contemplation or a place of curiosity and playfulness. Maintaining a playful, curious attitude can help you find experiences that offer hope, purpose, and meaning.”

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