How E-Journal Can Help You Deal With Your Grief


It is one thing to deal with your grief inside your head; it is another to vent it out. However, people do not always have someone to listen to them. Your friends and family are not available to listen to you all the time. During those times, you will be required to deal with your emotions healthily.

One way of venting out without sharing with other people is through writing journals. Thankfully with the advancements in technology, people can download journal applications. There are different choices for these applications, and most of them are free.

Electronic journals provide convenience since you can quickly type whenever you want and wherever you are. You only need to have a smartphone or a tablet with you. These journals also offer security through passcodes.

Aside from the convenience and security electronic journals provide, here are other benefits you can get from journaling.

Keep Track Of Your Emotions

Karen Doll, Psy.D., L.P. notes about mental health; “Suffering has complicated factors that interface including: physical, psychological, social, emotional and neurological.” However, writing can help you keep track of your unfiltered emotions. When venting to another person, you might filter heavily charged emotions. However, when you use journals, you are confronted with your true self. You can write without the feeling of being judged by others.

Also, with regular journaling, you will be aware of your mood shifts and what causes them. You can go back to your previous entries, and you might see the pattern of your emotions. You will now be aware of the triggers that cause negative feelings. Similarly, you will be mindful of events that give you feelings of joy.


Improve Your Mood

Since you are now aware of your emotions, you can know how to improve your mood in certain situations gradually. You are aware of activities that lighten your mood. In this way, you can choose to participate in happiness-inducing activities for you.

Thus, you can lower your body’s stress level when you regularly write about your emotions. Writing about a bad experience can help you cope healthily. As you write entries, you will realize you are beginning to calm down. This lowered stress level is due to the proper expression of negative emotions. Dr. David Ballard, PsyD often says that “When stress becomes chronic, this narrow focus continues for a long time and we have difficulty paying attention to other things.” So one should watch out.

You can also choose to challenge mental triggers to address your mental health better. It is important to challenge these triggers for you to take control of your mental state. Denying the existence of these triggers will only bottle up your negative emotions. It is always best to express feelings since they are to be felt and conveyed.


Analyze Your Reactions

You can easily navigate electronic journals through certain features such as the search bar and categories. Using these tools, you can analyze your past feelings and reactions. These options offer a great way to assess yourself.

Self-awareness is a step towards self-improvement. You can be aware of any toxic behavior you might have. It is essential to know this kind of action since there are times wherein they cause an unhealthy coping mechanism. This way, you avoid being toxic not only to yourself but also to others

Grief is part of being human. “Everyone reacts differently to grief, and how one reacts has a great deal to do with what happened and whether they’ve dealt with it appropriately.” Janeen Herskovitz, MA, LMHC says. No one should be ashamed to feel negative emotions as long as a person tries to deal with them accordingly. Through journals, a person can control his or her emotions, thereby improving his or her mood.

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