Expressing Care To The World Amid A Pandemic

The world seems to be at war since the beginning of 2020, but the enemies are not the terrorist groups that we have all heard about before. No, the main antagonist is the coronavirus, which has taken over 380,000 lives across the globe. More than six million people continue to try to fight the disease at the time of this writing, and their numbers continue to rise, thus causing everyone to dub the situation as a pandemic. 

Unfortunately, no scientist has been quick enough to come up with an antidote for this global problem. Many are suffering, even if they do not have the virus. The only things that we can do to express how much we care for the world are the following:


Donate To Different Causes

The first thing you should put on your list of agendas is giving donations. Ever since the pandemic began, various organizations stepped up and asked people for help on behalf of those who lost their jobs or loved ones. You can pick at least one cause that you connect with the most and offer your assistance to the less-fortunate folks through financial means.

Send Food To Frontline Workers

Nurses, doctors, police officers, and other frontline workers have been working day and night due to the coronavirus outbreak. Some of them make sure that no one roams the streets and puts themselves at risk of catching the virus. Others stay at the hospitals to look after the COVID-19 patients.


All of them are putting their lives on the line by serving the country and its people. Given that we cannot take over their jobs and let them rest for a bit, the best we can do is to send them nutritious foods. Doing so ensures that there is always a hot meal waiting for them, and they don’t need to worry about it while working.

Wear Protective Items

Caring for the world can only happen when you care for your well-being and other people’s. It is forbidden to comfort strangers with a hug to express that, so you should do it instead by wearing protective items when you go out.


I am talking about a mask, face shield, disposable gloves, long sleeves—the whole works. It guarantees that you have as little exposed skin as possible, thus making it almost impossible for the coronavirus to infect you. And when you are safe, it entails that everyone you interact with will not get COVID-19 because of you.

Avoid Going Out For Non-Essential Reasons

Many countries issued a lockdown order not too long ago. Almost every business in the cities had to shut down, except for pharmacies, supermarkets, and a few restaurants that offered foods on the go. They went through this measure to discourage the citizens from going out and mingling with each other, which increases the risk of coronavirus spread.


In solidarity with your country, you should do as the government says and stay at home. You can still go to the establishments mentioned above, yes, but try to make your visits as infrequent as possible. For instance, if you used to buy several grocery items every day, fill your shopping cart with everything you need for an entire week or three. This way, you can avoid getting exposed to the possibly undetected virus carriers out there.

Final Thoughts

It is crazy to realize how much the world has changed in a short time. We have barely passed the first quarter of the year, and yet a lot of businesses are either struggling or already filing for bankruptcy. Worse, many have perished due to this pandemic. 

Express your care to the world now more than ever.  

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