A Grieving Loved One

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I made it a point to participate in the 2019 Grief Symposium so I can help my grieving grandmother. It has been two years since my grandfather died, and she is still depressed to the point that some days, she would not get out of bed. This is alarming for me since I am a mental health counselor for children, and even if I do not treat adults, I do know how depressions look like, and she has it.


My parents died when I was young, and I grew up with my grandparents. It was not hard for me to move on because I was only two when they had that fatal accident, and I had no memories of them. I would see pictures in albums, and I know what they look like, but I do not personally know them. That is what I miss about them, but my grandmother filled up that void. My grandfather was also one of my sources of joy and my rock, as well.

Source: pexels.com

I was grieving too when the Lord took him two years ago, but I got past it and was able to manage. My problem now is my grandmother, who cannot seem to get over the fact that her husband is not with us anymore. I will not understand it yet because I have never been married, but by the looks of it, losing a spouse can make life seem as if it is not worth living. And I do not want my grandmother to feel that way. I want to see that lively, vivacious, loud, and loving woman back again.

That is the reason why I joined the symposium, but of course, I also saw that opportunity to improve my craft. At least now, I am not only a therapist for young kids. I am also a therapist for people who are in grief. I can say for sure that the dynamics are different, but with continuing education on grief therapy and the practice itself, I will improve. My purpose is to get better at this because I want to help my grandmother. I want her to be better.

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